Our association with WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd started way back in 2011 when we installed their first project in one of our buildings in the fast developing NIBM area of the city. It was a waste water treatment plant. Waste water treatment is the need for the hour and we realised it then. The government had also added that in EC norms. Since using recycled water is cheaper than getting fresh water, it is used in our societies for flushing. Over 10 projects of ours have WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd systems. The capacity in most of them is between 15 to 35 kilo liters per hour (KLD). The biggest one is installed in one of societies called Three Jewels.

We understand the that job that WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd is doing is tedious, painstaking and highly demanding but they are good at it. We are happy to say that we have had great service from them.

Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. work as a company where we take care of the water treatment plants whenever an issue arrives. Our involvement is deep, Even if we handover to the society, we make sure that proper training is given to the other people working on it. The residents of the society are my clients and we are supposed to intervene if the water treatment plant needs work. But, no plant yet has shown any major problems with any of STPs from WTE. What is a positive development that the awareness levels of people with regard to water treatment are on the rise.

As a normal course of action, WTE is working continuously on improving themselves. This is a great way to be. Be it site extension or complaints, we have meetings with the team and get the issue resolved. Whenever we feel there is any improvement needed, we give them suggestions and they do develop and work on it. For Kolte Patil Developers Ltd, WTE are reliable business partners as we end up working for the same client -the residents. The work of WTE is technically very sound and we are very happy with the services too.