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Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies Help Plants Meet Discharge And Water Reuse Requirements, Enabling Your Business To:

The ZLD technology of ZLD Plant converts a high volume of liquid waste to distilled water for reuse, and solid salts that can be land filled or used as raw material for the chemical industry. ZLD Plant Manufacturer is applicable for industrial plant effluent treatment, wastewater reclamation and industrial recycling applications.

ZLD technology of ZLD Plant includes pre-treatment and evaporation of the industrial effluent until the dissolved solids precipitate as crystals. These crystals are removed and dewatered. The water vapor from evaporation is condensed and returned to the process.

Zero liquid discharge of ZLD Plant is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organizations as well as the environment because it saves money and no effluent, or discharge, is left over. ZLD Plant Manufacturer employ the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced. Also Zero liquid discharge technologies help plants meet discharge and water reuse requirements, enabling businesses to:
A ZLD Plant is an industrial plant without discharge of wastewaters. Target ZLD is normally reached by


  • Sturdy design
  • Less maintenance
  • Quick to install.
  • Integrated zero discharge system.
  • Compact Design
  • Factory Tested
  • Highest Steam Economy
  • Recovers valuable ingredients from effluent wastewater
  • Reduces process water disposal cost
  • Meets environmental permit targets
  • Reliable and robust solutions allows focus on main production business
  • Textile Industries
  • Distilleries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Tannery Industries
  • Dye & Dye Intermediaries
  • Edible Oil Refineries
  • Electroplating Industries

A ZLD Plant utilizes advanced technological water treatment processes to limit liquid waste at the end of your industrial process to, as the name suggests, zero.

Depending on the needs of your ZLD Plant and process, these standard components are usually adequate, however, if your ZLD Plant requires a system that provides a bit more customization, there might be some features or technologies you will need to add on. Because of the broad range of industries that use ZLD Plant Manufacturer and the various waste streams produced, Zero Liquid Discharge Plant uses a highly custom process and this add-on will depend on your facility’s individual needs.

Recycled water distribution/solid waste treatment.

If the treated water is being reused in an industrial process, it’s typically pumped into a holding tank where it can be used based on the demands of the facility. The Zero Liquid Discharge Plant should have purified the water enough to be reused safely in your process.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant use wastewater treatment technologies that render all of the effluent suitable for reuse, whether it’s for landscape irrigation or for replacing conventional water supplies in an industrial process. Reusing wastewater reduces demand for fresh water