Chemical And Pharma

Full Treatment for the Chemical and Pharma Industry's Water Needs

The pharmaceutical sector uses a lot of water, and the quality of that water is very important, especially when producing finished goods. In order to meet the demands of the pharma or pharmaceutical industry for compendial high-purity water treatment & distribution, bulk drug purification & manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulations, WTE Infra has dedicated itself to the management of water and wastewater for more than 16 years. This expertise, combined with our technological capabilities, has allowed us to develop specialised products and customised solutions.

Additionally, we provide a full selection of specialty resins, which are produced in our cutting-edge USFDA-compliant pharma resins manufacturing facility for a variety of uses in pharmaceutical formulations and APIs. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is helped by our state-of-the-art effluent treatment, recycle, and zero liquid discharge solutions to meet the strict effluent standards.


  1. Integrated Water Management
  2. Systems for producing and distributing high-purity water
  3. Specialty Adsorbents & Resins
            - Purification, Separation, and Concentration of API and other bulk pharmaceuticals.
            - Excipients & Drug Actives for Pharmaceutical Formulations.
  4. Treatment of waste water, recycling, and zero liquid discharge
  5. Membranes for Concentration and Purification
  6. Complete water and wastewater management consulting