With each of our vendors, WTE Infra aims to develop a sustainable and long-lasting connection.

    With a focus on Quality, Reliability, and Competitive Advantage for the Customers, WTE Infra is renowned for finishing projects on time. True to our goal and principles, WTE Infra consistently prioritises offering straightforward solutions with unwavering integrity in order to add value for the clients. Forging enduring relationships with our vendors is extremely important to us because it will support our aggressive expansion ambitions. Whether they are on a large or small scale, our suppliers are crucial to achieving our goals.


     The vendors must stick to the same business standards as WTE Infra does. We take all necessary steps to ensure that every transaction reflects a high degree of honesty, transparency, and trust. Please register with us if our growth strategy intrigues you and you want to be a partner on this adventure. WTE Infra wants to include capable and affordable vendors on the approved vendor list. We're eager to develop our relationship with you. However, you are not permitted to use any of the materials of this website, including the text, photos, audio, and video, for public or commercial reasons without first receiving prior consent from WTE Infra. Additionally, you guarantee to WTE Infra that you won't use this site for any purposes that are against the law, immoral, or banned by these terms, conditions, and notices as a condition of your use of it.

Vendor Registration

     Register your business as a vendor if you want to provide us with the goods and services you offer. Fill out the form below to start the requests. The vendor will subsequently undergo a technical evaluation by our team, and if necessary, the relevant department will carry out the facilities audit. Vendors will be notified and added to the vendor list after approval. Applications that are not comprehensive or that lack the necessary supporting documents risk being rejected.