We take pride in providing our clients with custom Electric Control Panels that form an important hub for project operation and function. Our products are made of high-grade materials making them super reliable, durable, and easy to maintain.

WTE Infra is a trusted in design, manufacture and installation of various electrical panels. 

Containerized CO2 Recovery plant
Containerized CO2 Recovery plant


Product Description

Our Manufactring Supplier provides reliable construction and steady performance with complete range of certified devices, enclosures and installation system. Because of its high efficiency and optimum performance our range of Electrical Control Panels manufacturing service is in high demand. As a prominent Electrical Control Panels Supplier, we provide diverse range of products and design quality which will allow you to spend less time configuring wires, and more time in adding value to your product designs.



Our Manufacturer holds high credentials in system updating and modification. For your application for creating user interference we offer various options. Our Manufacturer is acclaimed for delivering products with high robustness and easy usability.



In the development of any system integration project, it is highly essential. To ensure high results we meet in advance our customer’s customization needs. Our Manufacturer focuses on each project individually and provides a complete panel solution.



Electrical panels provided by our Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer are required in all the new projects for the Power Distributions, starters, and power factor monitoring & controls. For the process control applications, Instrumentation panels are required. Depending on the different applications from simplest relay based logic to complex ladder programming is done.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an electric control panel and what is its purpose?

An electric control panel is a device that is used to control various electrical and mechanical systems. It typically contains a combination of electrical components, such as relays, circuit breakers, and timers, that are used to control and monitor the operation of a system.

What types of systems are controlled by electric control panels?

Electric control panels are used in a wide variety of systems, including HVAC systems, water treatment systems, industrial machinery, and manufacturing equipment. They can be used to control and monitor a single piece of equipment, or multiple pieces of equipment in a facility.

How does an electric control panel work?

An electric control panel works by receiving input signals from sensors and other devices, and then using that information to control the operation of the system. The electric control panel uses relays, circuit breakers and other electrical components to switch on and off power to the system based on the input signal.

What are the benefits of using an electric control panel?

Electric control panels provide a high level of control and automation over a system. They can be programmed to perform specific tasks and can also help to improve the efficiency and safety of a system. They also provide a central location for monitoring and troubleshooting a system.

How often should an electric control panel be inspected and maintained?

The frequency of inspections and maintenance for electric control panel will depend on the specific application and operating conditions, but it's generally recommended to have them inspected at least once a year. It's important to ensure that all components are functioning properly and to identify any potential issues.

What are the safety considerations when working with electric control panels?

Working with electric control panels can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. It is important to follow proper procedures for handling and maintaining the panels, as well as providing proper safety equipment and training for workers.

What are the regulations and standards for electric control panels?

Electric control panels must comply with a variety of regulations and standards, such as UL 508A, to ensure that they are designed, constructed, and maintained safely. It's important to ensure that the panels are designed, constructed, and maintained in compliance with these regulations.

How can I improve the efficiency of my electric control panel?

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of electric control panels, such as regular maintenance, monitoring the panel for signs of wear and damage, and keeping the panel clean and free of debris. It's also important to ensure that the panel is properly programmed and configured for the specific application and to ensure that it's being used in the most efficient manner.