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Complete Municipal and Community Solutions in One Place

We strive to foster a sustainable environment by collaborating with municipal authorities, public health engineering departments, water supply and sewerage boards, and public water supply and sanitation projects that cater to urban and rural communities. Additionally, we offer localized drinking water purification and sewage treatment/recycling systems, ensuring access to clean water and efficient waste management at the community level.

At WTE Infra, we offer a diverse array of solutions designed to address the purification needs of both surface and groundwater sources. Our comprehensive range of treatment options effectively eliminate a wide spectrum of pollutants, ranging from basic sediments to more complex contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, iron, nitrate, organic compounds, and salinity. Whether it's water supply and distribution, drinking water treatment, sewage treatment and disposal, sea water desalination, solid waste management, or waste to energy projects, our solutions are supported by top-notch operation and maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted and optimal performance.