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Sustainable Route to Competitive Advantage

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Water use in the automotive industry is very significant. For several production procedures, including automotive painting and coating, hosing, rinsing, and washing, water is regarded as a crucial component. Consequently, efficient & sustainable water management is crucial for the automobile sector.

We at WTE Infra provide turnkey water & waste water solutions for the full automotive production complex. We guarantee the required water quality with our effluent treatment and recycling solutions for process water. By removing free-floating and emulsified oil, grease, and suspended organic and inorganic particles, as well as colour and odour, our vehicle wash effluent treatment makes recovered water suitable for reuse. This lowers the need for fresh water, offers protection from water shortages, minimises waste, and ensures compliance with discharge standards.


  1. Effluent Treatment Plant for the process water
  2. Specialized chemical treatment
  3. Zero liquid discharge and waste water recycling
  4. Treatment of greasy waste
  5. Packaged water recycling device for vehicle wash
  6. Complete water and wastewater management consulting
  7. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant


Cementing Wealth

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In the cement manufacturing process, to prepare slurry in wet process kilns, cool large equipment and exhaust gases, and reduce emissions in wet scrubber emission control systems, water is required. Water discharges may have changes in temperature, acidity, or suspended particulates, which could have an effect on the environment. The groundwater level may also be affected by quarry dewatering. Within cement plants, water is also used for domestic purposes at housing units and in welfare services. Since many cement factories are situated in water-stressed regions, it is crucial for this industry to effectively regulate both the quantity and quality of water withdrawn.

We at WTE Infra are able to deliver integrated solutions that fully fulfil the needs of the cement industry because of our specialised expertise in water and waste water management as well as our in-depth understanding of our customers' processes.

Our comprehensive solutions for effluent treatment and zero discharge are tailored after need analysis; they also place a strong emphasis on optimal water reuse, which reduces dependence on local water supplies.


  1. Treatment of the raw water to become processed water
  2. Effluent treatment facility for turning process waste water into pollution-free water.
  3. Zero liquid discharge and waste water recycling
  4. Sewage treatment plant for treating human waste or kitchen waste so that water can be used for flushing or gardening.
  5. Complete water and wastewater management consulting


Respected Oil and Gas Sector: Time to Embrace the Future of Water and Waste Water Solutions

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The primary water management procedures in the sector are obtaining water of high quality, using it for oil and gas extraction, and using it to produce downstream refinery processes and utilities. Every oil and gas production operation needs water to function properly. For oil and gas manufacturers, downstream refineries, petrochemical manufacturers and chemical producers, WTE Infra offers a complete turnkey solution for water and waste water treatment. WTE Infra has found an important need for water and waste water treatment solutions in the refinery & petrochemical industries.

In order to protect the industry from limited water supplies, boost process efficiency, save costs, and increase profitability while achieving sustainable goals, our solutions include procedures to recover valuable by-products or treat or remove complicated pollutants in the process stream. All of our solutions are supported by a top-notch service infrastructure that we offer to our clients.


  1. Treating Untreated Water
  2. Process Treatment
  3. Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater
  4. Systems with Advanced Zero Liquid Discharge
  5. Chemicals, Cleaners, Adsorbents, RO Anticipants, Resins, Membranes, Adsorbents & Critical Spares.
  6. Consultancy for Total Water Management
  7. Seven days a week, Comprehensive services are offered.
  8. Treatment of condensate and cooling water
  9. Chemical Treatment in the Process
  10. Extensive O&M of total water systems


Pulp & Paper Business Technological Solutions

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The availability of water is a significant issue due to the growing water shortage, particularly for the pulp and paper industry, which needs large amounts of water for its manufacturing operations. Additionally, the company must adhere to strict environmental discharge requirements.

WTE Infra offers specialised one-stop Water and Wastewater Management Solutions for the diverse needs of the Paper industry with a broad range of technologies, the highest quality products, exceptional application knowledge, and outstanding service support. Additionally, we offer a full selection of specialist process chemicals (dry and wet end chemicals) that aid in boosting processing yields and lowering water usage during the paper-making process.

We offer the industry a single-source solution for all of its water and wastewater management needs, from pre-treatment to processing to zero liquid discharge. Our products provide innovative, low-cost methods for treating water for use in processes as well as for reducing and recycling waste water to reach zero discharge.


  1. Treatment of Process Water
  2. Pre-treatment
  3. Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater
  4. Systems with Advanced Zero Liquid Discharge
  5. Chemicals, Cleaners, Adsorbents, RO Anticipants, Resins, Membranes, Adsorbents & Critical Spares.
  6. Consultancy for Total Water Management
  7. Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, comprehensive services are offered.


Textile Industry: Water Availability Challenges?

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For production, utility purposes, and sanitary purposes, water is used in the textile industry. High-quality water is crucial in all of these areas. While the textile industry uses a lot of water to produce its goods, it also produces a lot of trash that needs to be treated before it can be disposed of according to regulations. The textile sector can benefit from WTE Infra's comprehensive turnkey water & wastewater management solutions, which not only successfully address water and waste water issues but also provide a solid return on investment.

For groundwater, surface water, and water that has undergone ETP treatment, WTE Infra provides products including softeners. We also offer a range of demineralization systems because the textile sector needs extremely high-quality water for boilers and processing. In order to increase maximum recovery, our membrane systems—both spiral and disc & tube ROs—are required. Additionally, we manufacture resins that are used, among other things, for colour removal. Our comprehensive Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) or nearly-ZLD systems satisfy the effluent treatment needs of the textile sector.


  1. Process and pre-treatment of Water
  2. Water treatment programmes for boilers and cooling
  3. Treatment of Waste Water and Process Recyclability
  4. Resins, membranes, adsorbents, water treatment chemicals, and antiscalants are examples of consumables that are available.
  5. Availability of essential equipment
  6. Zero liquid discharge.
  7. Comprehensive water management consulting