Difficulties with water scarcity in Steel Industry: In an unsustainable world, make your place sustainable!

Steel and Metallurgy is one of the important sectors in Industrial Sector and It says that Water is like a Blood. Any Human being can’t live without Blood, similarly, Any Steel Industry  can’t run without Water.

There are various Processes in Steel Manufacturing where Water plays a crucial Part like Direct Cooling Water Circuit, Indirect Cooling Water Circuit, Furnace Scrubbing and Many more.

The Water which is used for the processes, needs to treat for removing an Impurities, for getting good quality of Finished Product and many more reasons. Similarly, the Wastewater which is generated from the various processes needs to treat first for avoiding bad Impact s on Environment. We at WTE provides all the solutions related with Water and Wastewater Treatment in the Steel Manufacturing Industry. We apply an Engineering Knowledge and 15 Years of Experience to excel the production in minimal Cost. Ease of Operation and On
time Service is the superiority of WTE.


  1. Captive Power Water Treatment Plant
  2. Boiler Water Treatment Plant
  3. Cogen Water Treatment Plant
  4. Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
  5. High-Rate Filtration Plant / Pressure Sand Filters for the Scale
  6. Water and Wastewater Management Consultancy