Sugar & Distillery

The Sugar Industry Complete Water & Wastewater Solutions.

The production procedures at sugar factories need enormous amounts of water, and they also produce a lot of biomass waste. We at WTE Infra are aware of the need for effective treatment methods tailored to the sector in order to gain substantial cost savings and competitive benefits.

Our broad range of products, methods, and solutions, along with tried-and-true technology, are made to offer comprehensive water & environmental solutions for the sugar industry's many applications in the production of solid and liquid sugar. Together with our ground-breaking sugar remelt decolorizing technology and overall water management, these offer sugar mills and refineries comprehensive solutions that help companies gain major competitive advantages.


  1. Recovery of the sugar condensate
  2. Recycling and waste water treatment to achieve zero discharge
  3. Pre-treatment
  4. Comprehensive water management consulting
  5. Process chemicals, including scale inhibitors, sugar enhancers, activated carbon, flotation aids, and more